Gifted Education with Academic Rigor

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Frequently Asked Questions

All decisions are dependent upon the number of children who participate in the program. Below, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions we did not answer here, please call the center at 890-6185.

Q. Will my child have all the academic and exploratory classes?

Yes, the program will offer advanced content in math, social studies, language arts, and science. The program will also serve students with an enrichment model in technology and art. All students will receive the mandatory hours of instruction in P.E. from a certified P.E. teacher. Music will also be provided by a certified music teacher.

Q. Will there be any clubs in which my child can participate?

Yes, we will offer a technology club, reading club, and drama club. In addition, competition clubs such as Odyssey of the Mind, Future Problem Solvers, Academic Bowl, Lego League, Math League, and Mathematical Olympiads are being considered to provide students opportunities to exercise their minds.

Q. Will my child be able to participate in field trips?

The program will offer many opportunities for students to go on trips within the community and to other locations for service projects and curriculum extensions. These trips will be coordinated and planned specifically to meet the needs of gifted students. For example, 5th grade travels to Washington DC to tour many of the sites in which the students have studied. 4th grade travels to Williamsburg Virginia to tour Colonial America in which they have studied.  

Q. Will the students have a field day?

Yes, field day will be an extension of learning. This could relate to the Olympics and/or include competitions featuring low rope activities which build cooperation, teamwork, and leadership.

Q. Will there be prime time?

Prime time will still be available at the elementary schools. Additionally, arrangements may be made to transport students to the YMCA prime time if needed. The art center does provide an after school program beginning at 2:30. You will need to sign up for that program at the art center.

Q. Will my child have access to a media center?

Yes, this will be done through multiple avenues. There will be scheduled days where classes will go to Williams to do research and to check out books with their gifted teacher. The center is BYOT (bring your own technology), so the students will have access to books through eBooks.

Q. Can my child transfer back to their home school?

Yes, it would be a regular transfer within the county. We urge you to commit to the first semester of school to give our child a chance to adjust to a more rigorous and advanced curriculum. Our teachers are well aware this will be the first time these students are in classes with all gifted and talented students. Your child may say this is “too hard”, but remember, our focus will be on “challenge”. As you consider the academic advantages of an advanced content curriculum that requires critical and creative thinking in the academic subjects, please be prepared to commit to a full semester of instruction.